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Chapter monthly meetings are normally held on the 2nd Saturday of the month, from September to May, with the exception of December when the Christmas Social is normally held early in the month.

Meetings are held at the Hilton Head Coastal Discovery Museum on Honey Horn Plantation in the Discovery House. 
 The February 2019 meeting will be held Saturday the 9th at 1:00 PM.
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HHI Chapter Newsletter
Enjoy reading Island Archaeology, the Hilton Head Island Chapter Newsletter! The April - October 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 newsletters are accessed by clicking on download when you scroll down.

2019 Theme - Adventures in Archaeology
January - Rita Elliott - The Battle of Purysburg, SC - Revolutionary War 

2018 Theme - Adventures in Archaeology
January - Katie Epps - Archaeology of Historic Heyward House, Bluffton, SC
February - Rex Garniewicz - The Ecological Impact of the Native American Hunting Practices
March - Jessica Cooper - The Adoption of the Bow and Arrow in the Savannah River Valley
April - Kolb Site Documentary "Square Holes"
May - Mary Socci - Palmetto Bluff archaeological sites
September - Tariq Ghaffar - Green`s Shell Enclosure, Hilton Head 
October - Drs. Jon Leader and Eric Poplin - "What the Heck Is It?"
November - Joe Wilkinson = Hardin Hafted Biface
December - Christmas Social

2017 Theme - Adventures in Archaeology
January - Brent Burgin - Catawba Nation
February - Jon Leader -Forensic Archaeology
March - Mary Socci - Pettigrew Plantation, Palmetto Bluff
April - Chan Funk - Archaeology at Fort Jackson, SC
May - Chris Moore - Younger Dryas
September - Quinn Ogden - Archaic/Woodland Home Sites in Berkeley County
October Jon Leader and Eric Poplin - "What the Heck is It?" - artifact identifition program
November - Meg Gaillard - SC Heritage Trust Program

2016 Theme - Adventures in Archaeology
January - Rick Kanaski - Gullah Community in Harris Neck
February - Stacey Young - Hampton Plantation State Historic Site
March - Eric Poplin - Civil War Battle of Congaree Creek, Columbia SC
April - Jessica Irwin - Slave Ships
May - Matt Sanger - Sea Pines Shell Ring
September - Chris Judge - Upper Waterlee Valley Mounds
November - Steve Smith - Fort Motte

2015 Theme - Adventures in Archaeology
January - The Lady of Cao (movie) - female ruler of the Peruvian Moche1700 years ago
February - Kimberly Cavavanagh - Aila, Roman port city on the Red Sea 
March - Eric Poplin - Gadsden`s Wharf, Charleston, SC
April - Chris Moore - Early Hunter - Gatherer Tool Use and Animal Exploitation 
May - Melissa Memory - Archaeology of Fort Pulaski
September - Rex Garniewicz - Beerology from Hunter Gatherers to Hipsters
October - Karen Smith - Fort Frederick, Port Royal, SC

2014 Theme - Adventures in Archaeology
January - Larry James - Historic Dorchester State Site
February- Barbara Borg - College of Charleston Archaeology Programs
March - Adam King - Etowah (further exploration)
April - Chris Gillam - The Peopling of the Americas
May - Keith Stephenson - Mississippian Mounds and Chiefdoms on the Savannah River
September - Chris Gillam - Discovering the Paleolithic in the Northern Mongolia
October - Chris Judge - Yemassee Indians
November - Chris Thornock - Middle Mississippian Hollywood Site on the Savannah River
December - Christmas Social

2013 Theme - Adventures in Archaeology 
January - Adam King - Etowah, Major Mississippian Site in NW Georgia
February - Jim Spirek - Civil War Naval Operations and Shipwrecks in SC
March - Carl Naylor - The Day the Johnboat went up the Mountain
April - Karen Smith - Swift Creek Culture Paddle Art
May - Ashley Deming - Sea Pines Plantation (Hilton Head) Shipwreck
September - Eric Poplin - Gaillard Performance Hall excavations -18th century cemetery in Charleston
October - Helena Ferguson - SCAPOD Outreach Program
November - Kara Bridgman Sweeny - A Complex Web of History and Artifact Types in the Early Archaic Southeast 
December - Christmas Social
2012 Theme: Adventures in Archaeology
January - Bob Campbell - Slideshow of May 2011 tour of Peru and Machu Picchu 
February - Tammy Herron - Confederate Fortifications along Lower Three Runs
March - Mary Socci - Octogon Plantation, Palmetto Bluff (18th Century Science and Architecture)
April - Ashley Deming and Carl Naylor - SC Sport Diver Archaeology Management Program
May - ChesterDePratter - History and Archaeology of Charlesfort, Parris Island, SC
September - Ed Johnston - Pine Island artifacts
October - Richard Hatcher III - The History of Fort Sumter
November - Natalie Adams Pope - Yauhannah Bluff Plantation, Great PeeDee River
December - Christmas Social
2011 Theme Adventures in Archaeology
January - Sean Taylor "SCDNR Heritage Trust Program"
February - Eric Poplin "Combahee Ferry"
March - Steven Smith "Francis Marion and his Partisan`s at Snow`s Island" 
April - Chester DePratter and Gibbs McDowell "Sea Island Secrets" - discussion and film
May - Brooke Brilliant "African American and Native American Colonoware Analysis"
September - Nena Rice "South Carolina Archaeology from 16,000 years ago"
October - Colin Brooker "Tabby - Origins and Diffusion in the Atlantic World"
Novenber - Chica Arndt "Mary Musgrove"
December - Christmas Social

2010 Theme  Adventures in Archaeology
December - Christmas Social
November - Dan Elliott "The Yuchis of Mt. Pleasant on the Savannah River"
October - Charlie Cobb "Colonial Indian migrations into Savannah River area and Palachacolas Town"
September- Carl Steen "Archaeology of Penn Center, St. Helena Island"
May- Helena Ferguson "Hampton-Preston Mansion"
April- Michael Nelson "Mississippian Mound Town Functionality"
March- Wayne Roberts "The Tellico Archaeological Project"
February- Carl Steen "Native American Pottery"
January- Dwanye Pickett "Before Colonial Williamsburg"
2009 Theme: Adventures in Archaeology
December - Christmas Social
November-Jim Spirek "The Charleston Harbor Mapping Project"
October- Chris Amer "The Mars Bluff Navy Yard"
September- George Stubbs "The Pre-Historic Hohokam"
May-Mona Grunden:"Explorations of an 18th century site on James Island- the Natchez Indians"
April-John McCarthy:"The archaeology of a colonial plantation on the margins of the elite"
March-Alex Sweeney:"The Yamasee at Altamaha Town"
February-Dr. Eric Poplin:"The Coastal Southeast Indians from 1500`s to 1718 including the Yamasee"
January- Dr. Ellen Shlasko:"The 1862 Battle of Shiloh and her explorations of the battlefield"

2008 -Theme: Adventures in Archaeology
December - Christmas Social
November-Mississippian and early colonial Native Americans in southeast:Dr. Charles Cobb
October-Late Pre- Historic and Historic Native Americans in SC:Chris Judge
September-Johannes Kolb Site:Sean Taylor
May-North American Paleo Indians:Jon Leader
April-SC Maritime Archaeology:Lora Holland
March-Savannah-Ogeechee Barge Canal:Chica Arndt
February-The Chaco Phenomenon-George Stubbs
January-Rock Art in SC:Tommy Charles

2007 - Theme: SC and the Caribbean connection
December - Christmas Social
November - Urban Foodways and Markets in Charleston: Martha Zierden.
October- In Search of Revolutionary Savannah, Rita Elliott.
September- Archaeological Perspectives of Foodways, Nicole Isenbarger.
May  - Cofitachequi: a Chiefdom in Central South Carolina: Dr. Gail Wagner.
April  - From the French West Africa to the French West Indies: Dr. Ken Kelly.
March - Clifton Plantation, New Providence, The Bahamas: Andrew Agha.
February  - Landscape Archaeology in Sumter Forest: Sean Taylor.
January  - Investigation of Athol Island, New Providence, The Bahamas. Dr. Eric Poplin

2006 - Theme: Pottery and Ceramics
December  - Holidays Social.
November  - Archaeology on the Roman Frontier: Excavations at Noviodunum , Dr. Kris Lockyear.
October - S.C. and the Caribbean: Lifeline to a Revolution, Bryan Howard.
September- Barbados Carolina Connection, Michael Stoner.
May  - Chapter Members Collections.
April - Edgefield Stonewares, Steve Ferrell.
March - Historic Ceramics in SC, Carl Steen.
February - Native American Pottery- part 2, Becky Barrera.
January - Native American Pottery, Becky Barrera.

2005 - Theme: Mississippian
December  - Holidays Social.
November  - Blue Shelledge Ceramics, Wayne Roberts.
October  - Fort Motte and Camden Battlefields, Steve Smith.
September - Callawassie Island, Bill Behan.
May - Mississippian Etawah Site, Adam King - cancelled
April - Colonial Dorchester, Ashley Chapman.
March - Mississippian Indians in the Southeast, Rob Moon.
February  - Solutrean Culture, Jean F. Guilleux.
January  - Mississippian Chiefdoms in Allendale Co., Keith Stephenson.

2004 - Theme: The Lowcountry
December - Holidays Social
November - Archaeology at Battlefield Park, Gail Whalen
October - The Chaco Phenomenon, George Stubbs
September - The Search for Le Prince, Jim Spirek
May - Morris Island and North Island Lighthouses, Chris Judge
April - Upper Paleolithic of Russian Far East, Chris Gillam
March - Early History of Hilton Head Island, Rosemary Staples
February - Palenque, a Meso-American Site, Mary White
January - The Siege of Savannah, Mike Vaquer

Chapter Fieldtrips

Join us for our field trips, organized by the ASSC Hilton Head Island Chapter. Here are our trips, and a few shots taken during some of our explorations.

May - Sea Pines Shell Ring (assisted in excavation)

June - Fort Pulaski 

July - Sea Pines Shipwreck, Hilton Head, SC
February - Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah, GA
May - Savannah Roundhouse Railroad Museum
November - Zion Chapel of Ease, Zion Cemetery and Baynard Mausoleum, Hilton Head, SC
March - BB Sams` Plantation on Dataw Island
May - "Canal Days" Savannah- Ogeechee Canal Museum and Nature Center
October - Old Sheldon Church and St. Helena`s Episcopal Church, Beaufort
November - Penn Center on St. Helena Island
May-Palachacolas Town on Webb Wildlife Preserve
April-Wormsloe Plantation
March-The Yamasee Altamaha Town at Heyward Point
February-Tybee Island Light Sation and Fort Screven
January-Fort Pulaski

November-Ft. Fremont, Land`s End, St Helena Island
October-Green Shell Enclosure, Hilton Head Island
September-Fort Frederick
May- Topper
April-Fort Stewart Cemeteries
March-Savannah-Ogeechee Barge Canal
February-Stoney/Baynard and Fish Hall Plantations

March- Fort McAllister.
February- Bluffton: Heyward House.
January - Beaufort: Verdier House and Arsenal Museum.

October - Parris Island: Kiln site.
September - Garden Lot- Savannah.
May - Topper Site.
April - Parris Island: Santa Elena.
April - SCDOT Site: The Lost Ferry.
March - Spring Island.2005
November - Fort Stewart.
October - Callawassie Island.
October - Parris Island
September - Discovery Day, Camden
May - Topper Site
April - Colonial Dorchester
March - Ocmulgee National Monument, Ga
February - Altamaha
January - Lawton Mounds

December - Holidays Social
November - Battlefield Park, Savannah
October - Ogeechee Canal, Ga.
September - Discovery Weekend, Santee
April - Brockington and Associates Archaeological Lab., Mt Pleasant
March - Rev War Fieldtrip in the Low Country
February - ASSC Annual Conference, Columbia
January - Fort Morris, Ga.

Archaeological Display Project

The Archaeological Display Project cataloging artifacts at the Honey Horn Barn has been completed. This provides a catalog of the Coastal Discovery Museums` curated artifacts for use by researchers. 


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