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2011 Fall Field Day

24th Annual Archaeology Field Day

Oct. 29 (Saturday)

The 24th Annual Archaeology Field Day sponsored by the Archaeological Society of South Carolina will be held at Lynches River County Park in Florence County, SC on Sat. Oct. 29 from 9 AM-4 PM.  It is free and open to all. Bring your artifacts for identification in the Artifact ID Tent. This event will focus on various aspect of archaeological research being conducted in South Carolina, particularly the Johannes Kolb site located on the Great Pee Dee River in Darlington County, SC.  Offered will be an array of living history demonstrations, exhibits, educational hands-on activities, and poster presentations and lectures that span the entire prehistoric and historic occupations throughout time in South Carolina.   Bring the whole family. 

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A preliminary program follows:

Archaeology at the Johannes Kolb site. The Kolb site is located on a cut off channel of the Great Pee Dee River. Evidence of occupations ranging from an early 20th century lumber camp to 12,000 year old mammoth hunters has been found. Artifacts will be on display, along with posters, photos and videos.

Primitive Lifeways. Archaeologist and primitive technology expert Scott Jones will show audiences techniques for making and using stone tools

Cooking with clay. Keith Grenoble demonstrates the use of hand made clay pottery in cooking and everyday life as Native Americans would have done between 2,500BC and the early 18th century AD.

Atl Atls and spear throwing. Expert spear thrower Roger Lindsay will demonstrate and explain the tecnology behind one of humanity's most important tools. The atl atl allows the thrower to send a spear flying much further and faster than anyone can do by hand, giving them a great advantage over their prey.

Catawba Pottery. Contemporary Catawba Keith Little Bear Brown will make and fire a batch of pottery for sale at this year's event. Catawba potters are practicing a craft used by their ancestors in South Carolina for the past 4,500 years.

Artifact Identification. Long time University of South Carolina archaeologist Tommy Charles will identify artifacts from private collections. The Pee Dee region is rich in Native American sites, and it seems that nearly everyone there has picked up an arrowhead or piece of pottery. Mr. Charles can help place these puzzling objects in their historical context, telling you when they were made, and how they were used.

Talks on SC Archaeology. Archaeologists will present brief talks on their work in South Carolina and abroad. Speakers and topics include Dr. Steve Smith who will discuss the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion.

Pottery Reconstruction. If you like puzzles putting broken pots back together will be right up your alley. Archaeologists spend hours, sometimes years of their lives reconstructing the pottery used by people in the past, helping them to understand what people ate and drank, and how they made their way in the world. This activity is aimed at younger audiences, but people of all ages find it fascinating.

Pottery Making. Archaeologist and self taught potter Bobby Southerlin will help younger audiences learn to make clay pottery in the style of the Native Americans who lived here in the past.

Displays and Posters Institutions, Companies and Individuals will present displays pertinent to the history and archaeology of the Great Pee Dee region and elsewhere.

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