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Past Events

Leland Ferguson lecture by Mark Hauser on colono-type pottery in the Caribbean

Speaker: Mark W. Hauser
Dept. of Anthropology, Northwestern University
"Hidden in Plain Sight:
Local Pottery, Colonial Economies, and the Archaeology of the African Diaspora"

THURSDAY, SEPT. 24, 2009
HAMILTON 318 - University of South Carolina campus, Columbia
3:30 PM

ASSC Field Trip to the Johannes Kolb Site - March 15, 2008

ASSC members are specifically invited to join us at the Johannes Kolb site, near Mechanicsville, SC, on Saturday, March 15 for our annual public archaeology day.

On March 15 the units will be open, and workers will be removing soil and artifacts as you watch. However, we will begin excavations on March 10, and continue until the 21st. ASSC volunteers and visitors are welcome any time. On public day we will also have demonstrators making stone tools, pottery and bone implements. Interpreters will portray historic figures, and demonstrate historic and prehistoric activities.

The site is located on the SCDNR's Great Pee Dee Heritage Preserve, off of SC Hwy 34 in Darlington County. See our web site at http:38DA75.com for further information and directions, or contact Sean Taylor at 803-734-3753.

"Archaeology Month - 2006" Lectures in Beaufort, SC

Sharing the Discovery: "South Carolina Caribbean Connection"

Although when most folks interested in all things historical think of the connection between SC and the Caribbean Islands, they think of the crucial Barbadian colonial connection, Ian and I decided to emphasize a less known aspect of SC's influence on the British islands of North America. The Loyalists who were run out of South Carolina and Georgia during the American Revolution often set up their plantations anew in the Atlantic Ocean/ Caribbean islands still held by the British Crown.

According to Gail Saunders, PhD and former Archivist of the Bahamas, 80% of the current black population in the Bahamas is directly descended from the slaves brought to the islands by their Loyalist masters. In this case, SC is impacting political and social structure in "foreign" places rather than just being a "receiver" of socio-political impact. This is rather amazing, isn't it? Dr. Howard will talk about the basis of that influence which began during the American Revolution. Dr. Rowland will talk about the creation of a new species of cotton and its ultimate impact on the history of the United States. Colin Brooker will share information about SC impact on the built environment of the Bahamas. Last, but by no means least, Mrs. Faulkner will feed participants at her session sweet potato desserts, tropical fruit dishes, etc. Yum! Yum!

Scheduled Programs for October 2006

Here is a synopsis of what the Beaufort County Library, Beaufort County Planning Department, Historic Beaufort Foundation, and Parris Island Museum have put together for our celebration of Archaeology Month 2006: "The South Carolina Caribbean Connection." Please share the information with anyone you think might be interested in attending one or more of the programs. We've varied the time and days of the week to broaden the likelihood that our different constituencies might have a chance of getting to at least one of the programs. Three of the programs will be held in the big meeting room upstairs at Beaufort Branch. Our final session will be in the Friends Room at the Arsenal because they have a full kitchen from which Mrs. Faulkner can work.

Monday evening, October 2nd beginning at 6 pm in the Paul Siegmund Room, Beaufort Branch Library
Dr. Bryan Howard, PI Museum, will set the background information on the "South Carolina Caribbean Connection During the American Revolution" at our first co-sponsored event.

Thursday, October 12th beginning at 4 pm in the Paul Siegmund Room, Beaufort Branch Library
Dr. Larry Rowland, Professor Emeritus, USC, will lecture on the development of Sea Island cotton and the Caribbean aspects of that agricultural development. Title: "The Origin of Sea Island Cotton."

Thursday, October 19th beginning at 12pm in the Paul Siegmund Room, Beaufort Branch Library
Colin Brooker will share some slides and talk about the work he's been doing in the Bahamas - particularly with Clifden Plantation -- for the Bahamian Prime Minister's office. Title: "Southern Diaspora: Loyalist Planters and their Slaves in the Bahamas, 1780-1835."

Wednesday, Oct. 25th beginning at 12 pm in the Friends Room at the Arsenal
Ervena Faulkner will be serving some Gullah/Caribbean influenced food and talking about cuisine. Fee is $10 per person. Registrations must be made through Historic Beaufort Foundation Office. Call 379-3331 to sign up. Title: "Food as a Cultural Connector."

Announcements for our "Archaeology Month" programs should appear very soon on the Library's web site on the "Library Calendar of Events" page, probably under the Beaufort Branch information

Grace Cordial, MLS, SL, Historical Resources Coordinator
Beaufort District Collection, Beaufort County Library, Library Administration
311 Scott Street, Beaufort, SC 29902
843.470.6525 gracec@bcgov.net

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